'To create is to dream out loud'


Anja Stuurman is a Dutch visual artist, tutor and creative coach. Inspired by nature in all forms which are a reflection of her inner-life, mood, emotions, memories and experiences of being out in nature. Combined with a rich imagination she comes to her visual stories in atmospheric, expressive, mystical, surreal and sometimes lyrical paintings and drawings.

"My work arises intuitively....like a dialogue in which the creation tells me what it wants to be. Taken by a feeling, a memory, dream or a vague image in my mind. That is where the adventure begins, the most magical part! Then it grows naturally, layer by layer".

Born next to the sea (The Hague, 1970) she feels a strong attraction to the coast. Drawn to the waves, the immense skies and the ever changing light. Later she moved to the countryside where Anja found that mesmerizing feeling in the open northern landscapes. And every now and then she escapes to the Highlands, to explore and get inspired by the amazing endless views of Scotland.


"For me, the creative process is most important. The excitement, the inspiration of something that wants to come out...finding its way through materials and techniques. Not always easy, sometimes a real struggle but very satisfying in the end as it's part of my personal development. Many emotions, ideas and moods pass while working on a piece which reflects in some kind of movement in my creations. Like nature itself, constantly changing".

Anja studied Fashion Design, Visual Arts, Illustration and several training courses in teaching and coaching. After years of many exhibitions, commissions, running an Art Gallery, teaching and providing workshops, she decided to focus on her own creative process and art again.


Anja is member of and licensed by:

• BOK - Beroeps Organisatie Kunstenaars / Dutch association of professional artists

• BVGZ - Beroepsvereniging Groene Zorg / Dutch Association of Green Health Care 

• BCMA - The British Complementary Medicine Association

• NABK - Nationale Associatie voor Beeldend Kunstenaars / National Association of Visual Artists